May 27, 2010
Sometimes, when life gets crazy, i just have to stop and look around at my surroundings. That happened today, and i noticed something new. He was staring at me. He never does that! Not since i told him i didn't want to go out with him, at least. He was sitting across the lunchroom from me, watching me as i was helping my friend with her homework. Again. but now i was stammering over my words as i tried to explain the equation to my friend. I kept looking over my shoulder. he didn't stop staring.
I couldn't believe i used to like him! He was so...unusual looking. He wasn't ugly, but he wasn't very handsome either. He was just normal. Except his eyes. i remember looking into his eyes once, when we hung out by the library, and thinking of warm chocolate. I liked his eyes.
But i couldnt go out with him. i wasn't ready. i've never had a boyfriend, and i was too nervous to start with him. He was just my friend. I couldnt even see myself with a guy like him. I can see myself with someone...unique. A guy who's funny and fun, and cares about me a lot. Sure, he cared abotu me, but it was a little too much. he wouldnt let me hang out with my guy friends. he got upset when i didn't text him 24/7. I had to tell him to back off. when i did, he told me he was expecting it. How could a guy like him ever get with a perfect girl like me? he said.
He was still staring at me when i got up to leave. A knot formed in my stomach as i walked past him, flashing him a smile. He perked up and smiled at me. When i was far enough away, i cried.
Why did he have to be so sweet and loyal?

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