Friends to Hair

May 27, 2010
By SunBurstH714 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
SunBurstH714 SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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"Sometimes, our best is not good enough. Sometimes we must do what is required of us."-Winston Churchill

Our friends, our hairstyles, our personalities. It’s amazing how they coincide as much as they do. Lucas; his light red hair, is past shoulder length in a pony tail. The redneck has red hair pulled back and out of the way so that when we work on his truck, his hair is not at risk of getting caught in anything. Very similar to how with his thorough care of his hair and truck, it is not at risk of breaking down often.

Archie’s hair is blond, long, and straight down and in his face. It is simple and to the point. Nothing too fancy and nothing more than needed. Somewhat of a nuisance, but not worth getting rid of. Free and not bound to any regulation or rules, he doesn’t care what others think.

Cody, where to start? Curly, crazy, and content is his. He is as hyper and crazy as his messy hair. Energetic, yet a little disorganized.

Finally, we arrive at mine. My hair is dark, thick, short, clean, and regularly combed. I often keep a comb on me to keep it good. I do not allow it to get messed up and get it frequently trimmed. My hair is a soldier, disciplined and in line. It reflects my organization, order, and neatness that I like to keep in all aspects of life.

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