Three Starving Wolves

May 27, 2010
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They are the only ones that stay at my side. I am the only one who stays at their side. Three starving wolves with great confidence and strong minds. Four that seem not compatible but are. Four driven from opposite areas of the forest. From far away they intimidate, but they have hearts.
Their friendship is secret. They glare like the own the land. They thrive for excellence and the excellence of one another and stay as a wolf pack, but hide it from the others. This is how they bond.
One will lose their confidence, the others will stand by them and observe their every action. Go, Go, Go they say. They help.
When I am too weak and too ashamed to keep thriving, when I am small compared to the food I’m after, then I look for my wolves. When confidence has vanished from my heart and eyes. Three stand together. Three connected by a single thrive. Three whose passion is to care.

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