Do You Remember?

May 27, 2010
A lot of memories stay with people forever. Sometimes they are good and some they aren’t the greatest but for some reason they stay with us. When I start to think about things I remember I think of my grandpa, Bumps. Although I have had many wonderful experiences and remember most of them, Bumps was in my life a lot. My mom, dad, Bailey (our dog), and I would go to his cottage in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I was born on Bumps’ birthday so we always spent our birthday together or the weekend before or after depending on when it was. One thing that I remember about him to most is he was never a very affectionate and didn’t say I love you very much.

Bumps passed away a little over a year ago and although I wasn’t there when he did I got to see him the weekend before. I saw him and spent a few hours with him and the rest of the family in the hospital. My mom and I had a few things we had to do and then go take care of the animals. As we were saying good-bye to everyone I made sure I said bye to Bumps last and now looking back on it I am glad I did. I gave him a hug, as best as I could considering he was in a hospital bed. I gave him a kiss on the check and I said “I love you.’’ There are two huge reasons why I still remember and always will is because it was the last time I got to see him because he passed away very early Monday morning and he said “I love you too.” It was just loud enough for me to hear. It made me cry as I was thinking about it as I left but then I started thinking about it more. I finally came to the conclusion that he was finally at peace with himself and everyone else.

It is hard for me to think about it and especially now since I am going to be graduating this spring. It is supposed to be my grandpa’s 70th year reunion. Although he is not and will not be here physically he will be here in spirit. There are so many things that I do that make me think of my grandpa but they always lead back to him says I love you too. He is missed dearly but he will always be with me.

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