One Letter, One City, A Thousand Miles

May 26, 2010
A few months ago, if you would have asked me what was important to me i would have told you; writing, Jessalynne, Ashley, Shannon, and texting. I now have gratefully added something inspirational to the list. You. You are my everything. I would go through any battle or forks in the road to hunt you down. You go to MWMS, I go to MVMS. We are just one letter away from being together forever. How could one letter, one city, feel like a thousand miles? Surprisingly, I am dumbfounded. Last year you thought I hated you. I was a wild child, I hated everyone and everything but secretly I didn't hate you. I was clueless, the fact that you admired me totally flew over my head but now its hitting me hard right in the heart. I feel like we have just fought World War III and solved world hunger. One letter, One City, A Thousand Miles away from my Romeo.

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