Police Trouble

April 28, 2008
By Jonathan Bravo, Amarillo, TX

I was filling out an application at Blue Beacon, our local truck wash while listening to music in my friend's car. Ramsey and I had just come from McDonalds so I hand a half eaten McChicken in my hand when a cop car pulled up behind us. We were parked there for like ten minutes already so when I looked in the rear view mirror and saw flashing cop lights I said “What the hell does he want."
He sat in his cop car for about five minutes then he finally got out and walked over to my door and told me to get out. I opened my door and got out. When I asked what this was all this was about he didn't respond. He got my hands and put them behind my back while he patted me down. I asked him again why he was doing all this he didn't answer. I started to get frustrated and angry. He asked what I was doing there; I told him I was filling out an application. Then he asked for my name "Jonathan” I replied. He asked what I stuck under the set; my facial expression was one of shock. "What are you talking about” I said. What did you put under the set he asked again told him I didn't stick any thing under the dame seat. He finally stuck me in the back of the cop car, how old are you he asked "sixteen" I replied. "Sixteen year old with an attitude" "Hell yea I have a attitude when u still haven't told me what I've done". He closed the door and walked away, I watched him walk to the car and pull Ramsey out. I couldn't hear what they were saying all I could hear was I voices on the radio talking in code "I got a two-eleven on Brook officers needed". After questioning him for about five minutes he began to search the car. He was mainly looking in the spot were I was sitting.
After searching the car he finally came over and let me out. He walked with me to the front of his cop car and said I could go. I asked him what this was all about he still didn't answer me. He began to get in his car when he noticed my McChiken on his car "Get your food off my car he yelled. “So I walked over there and swing my hand down and sent the McChicken flying across the street. I looked at him gave him the bird and walked away. He got in his cop car and drove off. Ramsey told me that the officer told him that I stuck something under the seat when he drove by; He thought I was trying to hide drugs. I don't know how he could have supposedly seen me do that when he was on the other side of the street on the parking lot put another hundred feet in-between us. I felt harassed that day I never thought a cop would do all that and not even give me an explanation. That's the problem with modern day America. The Police force is free to roam around and harass people that they do not like. I am grateful for our Police officers but they have too much power; they are above the law.

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