May 16, 2010
By , Lubbock, TX
It would be an ugly world if you had no friends, in my opinion. They are worth it enough just to have that silver lining on any day. Friendships ranging from the occasional texting to the ones that show up at your door ready to move in. The friends that make you wonder why the heck you even still love em’ and the ones that make you feel out of place if they aren’t at school. The ones that throw beans at you in Queso’s ruining your favorite shirt and then never saying sorry. Then you get revenge by getting the satisfaction of them accidentally spilling their drink all over themselves and having to walk awkwardly for the remainder of the day. Or even the ones that call you at eleven o’ clock at night asking for help on chemistry and make you bang your head against the table when you try to explain the naming of polyatomic ions when they have an attention span of a squirrel. The two friends that you both love but they hate each other therefore you end up being the buffer for both of them but then eventually change the topic and saving what little respect they may have left for the other by talking about the latest break-up or the insanely explicit Lady Gaga music video. Or when you realize your phone is speaking Dutch and you know exactly who did it. Then when you try to get them to change it back and they forgot how they did it and you find yourself looking up words such as Menu, Settings, and Languages on the internet trying to translate them into Dutch. Only then to find out there about 5 different styles of the Dutch language. Though the laughs and the few tears shed, we have always had each other’s shoulders to lean on. We always make the slow days pass more quickly and the fast ones slow down to our pace of fun and good times. So no matter what, my friends are the most important to me.

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