May 4, 2010
Having a constant supply of verbal or physical bullying. It’s not easy having two older brothers.
When put in position where you can’t move your whole body while someone is on top of you and slapping you in the face, and occasionally spitting on your face. When they call you names that you hate. When you’ve been shot in the head by a bb gun, pushed down stairs, and even been wedgied so bad your boxers broke. For me when this was a regular occurrence it turned into a problem. My parents would tell them to stop but they never would, and every time I would try to defend myself they would pound on me even more. Over the years I have learned how to defend myself and also ignore them.

Most people say they don’t bully people but most likely you have done it before. I've done it, and it didn’t make anything better.

Some people have been bullied so bad that they have killed themselves. From mental and physical bullying. Many people tell people over social networks that there ugly and some people take that very personally, and it sometimes it leads to death. In Idaho a young girl named Lexi had just gotten her hair done, and the next day she went school all the students made fun of her. Two days later she was found in her room with blood on her wrist, and knife on the floor.
77% of students are bullied mentally, verbally, & physically. Some cases of bullying is so bad that kids stay home because they are scared that they will be hurt or made fun of. Hundreds of people have died from bullying. Usually if it’s only one person making fun of you it’s not a problem, but if it multiple people they either really hate your or they just like to make fun of you. Many people take it the wrong way.
Many of this bullying could be stopped by having severe consequences, and basically just don’t do it at all. You don’t get anything out of it if you beat someone up or tell them harmful things. This creates even more problems which can lead up to death which is worst case.

My brothers have slightly gotten better with their bullying but it is still there and I think of it often. My brothers have also teached me to be a man and sometimes you are going to have to suffer in life, and suck it up. In the world I’m sure there are many people that have the same problem that I do, and learned to overcome this and just ignore the people as well as me.

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