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May 18, 2010
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All my life I've known my sister was the devil's child. I just never knew how right I was.

These past few months, life has been so upturned for me. Just the thought of coming home to the showdown between my sister and my parents was sickening. I never wanted to come home because I knew what was awaiting me. The only time I was happy at home was when she wasn't there.

But even her not being around wasn't enough. When she had finally had enough of my parents, even though they weren't doing anything wrong, she moved out, without warning. She kept jumping from one person's house to another. Even moving in with my rotten father in Tennessee. My parents were so angry, but me myself was quite happy. Only because she was gone.

All my happiness left me within in a short time. Even from a distance, she was still able to break my moms heart. If my mom is upset I'm upset. That's just how it is. So between my moms hurt and my own, I felt like my whole world was this compressed little bubble with a needle so close, that one slight movement would make me burst.

Then my mom comes home with my sister following after her. I can only think of what this means. I come to find that my horrid sister might just be moving back in with us. My whole life shatters right then and there.

I absolutely don't want my sister in close proximity. But as the night goes on, I ignore all of her annoyance. It's not that hard since I've had four month's of ongoing practice. All night long, I just have this conversation going through my head.

“Mom, you must really hate me.”

“And why do you say that.”

“You brought that. . . thing, back into our house!”

“And what do expect me to do? Leave her out on the street?”

“Uh, yeah. After all she's done to us? That's exactly what you should do. I thought you said you were done with all her crap?”

“I did say that, but I still can't just leave her out on the street. She's done enough junk to herself, I can't let her do anymore.”

“Mom, you obviously don't get it do you? Why let her continue ruining our lives over her out on the streets learning what life really is. You're just holding off the time until she gets a taste of reality. Is it not enough for you to see how much I hate her when i've been ignoring her for the past months? What is it going to take?”

And I don't know how to have my mom reply to my last statement. It doesn't matter because I'll never have the courage to say it aloud anyway.

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