May 17, 2010
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Some of my best thinking is when I lay motionlessly on my bed at 11'oclock at night. Despite the hour my mind is racing. Last night, i was thinking about how summer is almost here. Some people are excited, some are sad. Although a good majority of the kids at my school i do not like, i will be sad for summer. I will be excited to sleep in, and not have to worry about homework. I will be sad that i will not get to see some of my friends every day, or not talk to them possibly the whole summer! Where did the year go? I am afraid that over the summer relationships could be lost, but yet others could be built stronger. I want to balance the scales of my friends but, with no cell phone, that can be a hard thing to do. Crazy things happen over summer too. Is it because i am afraid of change? Am i afraid that i will be a lazy slob doing nothing all day in the boring state of Iowa? I don't know... maybe it is the social part of me. However, this summer, i will try to balance when i want to balance, and tip the scale, when i feel the need to tip it. After all, it is my scale. Summer is the time to be carefree/no responsibilities. Except maintaining and losing friendships. Important, life changing decisions are made in the summer. Not the ones that have to do with school, but with family and friends. Who you care about, and who you keep company with, change your life. After a good, hard, long thought, i was finally able to sleep thinking : "Always remember that the future comes one day at a time." ~ Dean Acheson

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