Busting My Chin Open

May 17, 2010
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My face instantly became soaked with tears as blood oozed out of my chin and dripped on to the cold, hard concrete. The stinging and burning became too hard to bear at the age of four. Mom scooped me up into her arms as Debbie, Josh’s mom, ran in to get a wet rag.

It started off as harmless playing around on the porch at my best friend, Josh’s house. Josh and I would jump up on the porch, run down the two steps, and jump back up again. As I leaped up on the porch, my foot caught on the brick ledge, and my chin came in contact with the concrete. It instantly busted open, and the burning and stinging followed a few seconds later.

I cringed as the cold rag touched my open wound. “Alright we can take her to the doctor now,” my mom exclaimed hanging up the phone. She was probably panicking a little more than needed.

“Keep this pressed against your chin,” Dad ordered as he set me in the back seat. The drive seemed like forever with the pain shooting up from the bottom of my face.

“Okay Kayla, sit really still,” Doctor Williams ordered as I lay on the paper covered table. Ouch! I started crying even harder as a shot stuck into my chin.

“Is she going to be okay?” Mom questioned.

“She’s going to need stitches. Other than that, she’s fine,” the doctor replied. As a four-year-old, the thought of someone sewing up your skin just doesn’t sound very appealing. I believe I was a lot more scared then I was in pain.

“Your going to be okay,” Mom said, “She is just going to clean you up and then we can go get some chicken nuggets from Burger King.” My mood instantly lit up a little at the thought of chicken nuggets for dinner.

“Take a teaspoon of this twice a day and you’ll be perfect,” Doctor Williams stated. The crying died down to short sobs as I lay curled up in my mom’s lap, just ready to get home.

Walking down the long hallway leading to the door of freedom, I spotted the metal can full of many different colored suckers. I reached up for it and my mom handed it down to me. So many to choose from. Spotting a pink one, I immediately unwrapped it. The sweet taste of cotton candy filled my mouth, making the pain so much better. It was then I decided I was going to be okay.

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