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May 13, 2010
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The cool breeze tickles my toes that are now wet with morning dew. The sunlight shines down among the greenery, making every shadow dance with life. A nearby train makes its way through the trees, as if it were its duty to wake all of the Earth up and see this beautiful spring morning.

Birds sing song in nearby trees as the bees buzz in and out of the rays of sun, going from flower to flower. The Earth is alive with a simple, yet intriguing strand of melodies and harmonies that intertwine and become a single song.

Three purple irises bloom and flourish in the morning sun. They bask in its rays. The dew is plenty on their fragile petals and they have what looks like fuzzy caterpillars crawling from the depths of the flower onto the outstretched petals to warm their bodies and eat.

Each leaf is vibrant in color and not yet tainted by the deepness of summer. Each new sprig, bloom, and shoot is new and innocent in infancy. Bugs fly lazily, relaying which flower is the sweetest, or where the coolest shade is. They rest on a leaf for a short time, but soon fly off to continue the day’s job.

I sit and feel the cool stone on my skin. It is damp also, like everything else that the sun’s warm rays have not yet touched.

If I came back to this place tomorrow, at first glance, things would look the same. But if I were to sit and study each leaf, flower, and single blade of grass, I would see the wonders of nature. The leaves would be a little bigger. The flowers would be a little more full and open. The single blade of grass would be a little taller.

I sit here, as the wind puppets the leaves into bobbing their heads back and forth, and I realize that nature is just as alive as I. Even further, I realize that it may even be more alive than me. The plants make food, using their own bodies. We do not. They defend themselves without arms. They provide for themselves without money. They are at peace with their surroundings.

I now think about how much I wish we could be as simple as nature. It does what it must to keep a balance. Not because of greed. Or thirst of power. But because of peace alone.

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