Physical Boundaries

May 4, 2010
By bubbles100 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
bubbles100 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Slapping, kicking, and punching are all examples of aggressive behavior. Why are they used in a since of humor way? Most people don’t find it funny, in fact, most people find it offensive.

What are physical boundaries? A lot of people ask themselves this if they are being beaten or just plain bullied. The people that are causing these acts just think it’s hilarious what they’re doing, it’s not. How would you like it if some kid came up to you and slapped you in the face just because they felt like it or they thought it would be fun to show off in front of their friends? Whatever the case is there’s always a physical boundary that can be crossed.

Physical boundaries are usually the start of someone becoming abusive to others. Over one million children in the United States each year are being abused in some way. Physical abuse affects children of all different types of ethnic back ground. What causes this is lack of self control over their anger. It all comes back to physical boundaries, because everyone of those cases started with crossing that line.

Everyone knows when someone has crossed that line by using a hit or a slap or a punch to start a fight, or do they? My sister, Morgan, has taken a lot of physical behavior from this girl at church. At first it started out by friendly messing around by her punching her in the arm and slapping her in the face. My sister just figured that’s how she was so she didn’t give it much thought. Until one day she came over to our house and was punching her like she usually does and Morgan was just not in the mood anymore so she punched her back as hard as she could after trying to ask her politely to stop. She got so angry that she started to attack my sister, my mom and I ran to pull her off of her, after hearing them screaming from the other room, the girls faces looked crazy like someone had come and took every brain cell out of her body. My mom took her home immediately after her psycho out bursts. Five weeks later she was hospitalized for extreme aggressive behavior towards others.

How to stop physical boundaries? It can’t be stopped. You can only set your own personal boundaries and hope people respect them. Instead of you not setting them and getting to know someone that you’re going to regret because they can easily take advantage of you and you don’t even know until it’s too late.” The main point in the story is to show that not everyone might think something is funny to them even if it is to you.”

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