Before They're Gone

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Through thick and thin, they are always there for you. Always cheering you on and pushing you forward. No matter what, they’ve got your back. They’re on your side. The most important thing in the world. Family.

From the moment you are born, your parents take care of you. Starting with feeding you, changing your clothes and diapers, to driving you anywhere you need to go at any time. Your parents and family are your foundation. Family are the ones that raise you and make you the person you are. Even though from the beginning they worry about you, people are still capable of taking their parents for granted. What is the reason that kids take their parents for granted? Is it because you’re so used to them being around all the time?

They do everything in their power for you, but they don’t do one little thing you, and suddenly they become “bad parents” or you “hate them”. Your parents aren’t superhuman. They can’t carry the load of working, taking care of children, providing for a family, and on top of that everything else in the world. They can’t be jumping from place to place just to please everyone. Maybe instead of complaining about them all the time we should be grateful that they care. Honestly, they don’t have to stick around. If they really wanted to be gone, they could be. In a blink of an eye.

Often, there are days my mom gets off of work before we get out of school. She usually calls me to ask if I want a ride. On those days, I get so angry and frustrated. When I talk to her, attitude is evident in my voice. Most of the time I’m halfway home already. It would be pointless to get a lift now. On the rest of the walk home, I’m thinking in my head, if she is so concerned about me walking home, why isn’t she waiting outside. She got out of work early anyway. Why isn’t she sitting in the car by the bus lane waiting for me to walk out the doors? But then when you think about it, it’s just me being a brat. I’m lucky she called at all. By her calling, it shows that the thought of picking me up ran through her mind. She could have had a long day. She could have been tired. Regardless, even though she could have been relaxing, she took the time to call. Stating that, maybe I should try a lot harder to kinder to my mom and dad, after all, they do do everything for me, and they aren’t going to be around forever. It’s better to spend as much time with your folks as you can, so you don’t regret it, because life can take many unexpected turns.

Family is significant, no matter what anyone else believes. They support you, care for you, and love you. They are always willing to forgive and forget. When you do something wrong, they help you through it. They stay by your side no matter what. When friends come and go, there is always family to rely on. Therefore, you should go spend some quality time with the ones that are always there for you, your family.

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