Family-The Real Deal

May 4, 2010
Where would I be if right now, if had no family? Would I be put in an adoption center? Would I be traded among various families because I wasn’t the perfect child that they dreamt of? Would I be broken and alone? Without my family, I would have a hard time understanding the concept of what “love” really is. My whole world revolves around my family. Pull out a single Lego from the Lego building and the whole structure will crash and fall. Just one piece…that’s all it takes. One wrong move, one wrong decision could ruin everything. I don’t like to think that my life or even world revolves around my family, but they do. I am my family.
It’s absurd…the way I think. The way I analyze my life. I can cause myself pain. I usually exaggerate simple situations. I can make my life so complicated. Doing so, the only people that could actually understand, would be my family. I would be able to tell them anything without regretting a single word to them. I would go beyond anything to help them out . My family is the only thing that can keep me stable right now. Especially in teen years, supposedly the hardest time in a person’s life. I’m not surprised it is. In life, friends come and go. They can backstab, cause stress that is un-necessary, and of course the famous one: drama. Family for one, understands any situation, and they can help you with personal problems you face every day. You tell them your secrets you couldn’t tell anyone else. It’s Family.

Most teenagers in America would probably say “Oh my gosh! I hate my parents! They are so annoying!” Maybe more than 50% of teens would say that. Well, at some point a teen must have that run through their minds, but some teens actually mean it. Some want to cause harm to families. Some want to ruin that structure. When the time comes, they’ll realize what they had, and until that time comes, they won’t know what they had.

For some reason, this issue has a very strong impact towards my life…it’s probably because I hate the ignorance of some people. It’s probably because of those T.V shows where everything in their life is perfect and then someone does something stupid and ruins everything. Most reality T.V shows express this ignorance very strongly. Like Jon and Kate plus eight, they were very, very ignorant. Also, you never know what can happen in your life. Someone might pull that single Lego.

So, until you lose something close to you, you’ll never know what you had. Especially someone in your family. My story doesn’t relate to all people, but to those who can relate to this, think about it. Think how you would react to losing someone very close to you. So, in my case my family is greatly needed for their love and support. Because right now, they are all I’ve got.

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