things that need to change in this society

May 4, 2010
In society today, there’s many problems and tension between people. People these days judge just based on appearance; they don’t even get to know the person first. Society has been corrupted into the celebrity way of life and how you have to be perfect. Just the society today needs to change about how people interact with each other and how they judge.

Some of these girls today put on this fake display of themselves, just to fit in and impress worthless guys. These girls act in that manner because; of emotional battles their dealing with and the pressure of being the hottest girl alive. I just don’t understand it; they have no idea what they set themselves up for. The kind of emotional letdown and hurt, that all this behavior will bring them. I can’t stand it, I wish these girls would just believe in themselves, and not sink to the level of these so called “MEN”. All these girls have a lot going for them, and our wonderful people they shouldn’t just let peer pressure and low self confidence affect them in a negative way. All those girls just need a boost in their self confidence, someone to guide them, and just a helping hand every once in a while.

A huge problem is how these girls fall into the trap of these boys telling them I love you way too soon. They get caught up in the moment and temptation sets in. Some of the boys talk all sweet and respectful but, their mind set is way off into “DIRTY VILLE”. Some of those guys just want one thing, and once they get it, they just leave you. That’s why there’s this sky rocketing rate of teenage pregnancy. This comes from the lack of contraceptives, and lack of planning. I dislike the fact that these guys can leave with no strings attached and the girl is left alone and very scared. All of these actions, and wrong doing can all be prevented by not falling into the “I LOVE YOU” way too soon trap.

Dishonesty is a big issue in today’s world because; a lot of people can’t be trusted with personal information. I don’t understand if I tell you something very secretive, but then you go and spread fresh gossip. It’s so embarrassing and degrading when your information is all out in the open. You need to know who can be trusted, and the ones who like to start a conflict. Also, you need to know your boundaries of what you tell people, because you never know what could end up on in cyberspace. People in this society just need to surround to surround themselves with trustworthy peers, so you don’t find yourself in bad situations.

The majority of these problems can all be prevented from huge changes on the outlook of people. Girls just need to be more careful with these more physical advanced boys. Also, people need just to tell each other the truth no matter if it hurts. Everyone the best advice is just being a leader not a follower and always think before you attempt any action.

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