True dat

May 4, 2010
By Anonymous

My whole life I’ve been the cleanest kid in school. I see germs as the boogeyman or the monster under your bed, and dirty kids are just an enlarged version. I don’t even think I ever left my house without a full bottle of hand sanitizer. It’s not a bad habit, it’s watching out for what others don’t.

I don’t find there to be anything wrong with what I do, most people find it weird or strange. In truth they’re the ones who are weird and strange, they’re not smart enough to care for the little things so they pay the price by getting sick and sometimes dying. I only pity those who are rudely infected by the ignorant people who cough and sneeze openly. All humans should have enough respect for one another to keep themselves clean.

A single drop of hand sanitizer can be the difference between life in death whether one wishes to believe so or not. Many people fall prey to a nasty flu H1N1. Not through mosquitoes or dirty water, but through the mouth or nose of a fellow human. These viruses are what makes our species the most vulnerable and weak.

Being the cleanest kid has strengthened my immune system and protected me from the little things that matter most. I haven’t gotten sick in over a year and the only ones I got were weak and got better quickly. I’m proud of where I’ve gotten with my body’s purity and hope to never change this method of life.

The point of this is that you should always stay clean and don’t infect others with your disease, just watch where you’re coughing or sneezing. All humans should have the same motto “ don’t fart in public, keep your germs to yourself “. I consider the way I live to be the ideal lifestyle for any human, stay clean, respect your peers. A man isn’t an over-sized bucket of beef, it’s a caregiver, a man is the standard of respect.

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