Separate Teams and Separate Leagues for Separate Players

May 4, 2010
By Roy McNeilly BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Roy McNeilly BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Every city that has sports should have separate leagues. Some of the leagues should be specifically designated for better players, and other leagues should be for weaker players. As of now I am playing on a team with a lot of weak players. There are only about two or three good players on our team out of thirteen. On other teams there are only about one or two good players on each team. This just shows that the games would be more competitive if the kids were split up on their skill levels. The reason a lot of kids who aren’t very good, play on the team is because there parents usually force them too. There are also about one or two kids on each team who are forced to play, but don’t even like the sport. Sports should be something that the kid likes to do, not something the parent wants them to do, and that’s what a lot of parents forget.

To often parents pressure or force their kids into playing sports. They don’t even bother asking them if they enjoy playing the sport. If the kid doesn’t even like the sport, the odds are he or she isn’t a very good player, because a good player would have a harder work ethic in that sport, which would help them improve. Usually the parents of the kids, who they are forcing to play, treat the team as a daycare. They could really careless if they improve or if they bring the team down. They just drop them off and pick them up, but other than that they don’t even care. Most of the time those are the kids who don’t show up to practice, but never miss a game, and when they do go to practice they are the last one to get there and first one to leave.

Kids who are forced to play, most likely won’t be one of the better players. Since that is the case, if there were different leagues, separated for better and weaker players they might enjoy the sport a little more. For example, instead of them striking out every time with better players, they could get walks or hits if they were playing against kids on their same level. Many parents disagree with that though; a lot of them believe that if they play with better players, they will improve. That is understandable, but what isn’t understandable is when the parents are forcing their kid to play, and have them play with better players. They need to realize that winning is obviously better than losing, and all a weaker player is going to do is bring the team down.

Separate teams and separate leagues would benefit everyone. Even if the kid is being forced to play, he might have a better time playing because he would be able to perform better, and if he was a weaker player, playing with kids on his own skill level would make him feel more comfortable while playing. It would be a little more difficult to have separate teams, and leagues, but the kids would have a better time while playing.

Forcing a kid to play one sport, could cause them to lose interest in all sports. This is why parents need to get the kids perspective before forcing them to play the sport. If parents would just take the time to realize that, if they were doing something they had no interest in, it would be like misery, and that is just how the kids feel.

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on Dec. 13 2011 at 7:00 pm BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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I meant better not batter

on Dec. 13 2011 at 6:59 pm BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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Great article! I play on a team where there are some VERY weak players. I play competitive basketball and although people always say winning isn't the most important thing to me it's definetly one of the most importnant things. Also playing with weak players can cause a batter player to develop bad habits such as hogging the ball. i find when I am playing with weaker players I am less likey to pass the ball beacaue I know they will likely screw up!


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