A Big Sacrifice

May 4, 2010
It was a hot June day in Texas. Everybody was exhausted and needed every bit of water they had. I knew I was ill, and working would be impossible, but nobody believed me except for one man named Hag. Hag made me lay down and forced his last drops of cold and refreshing water down my throat. I could tell he needed that water, but he sacrificed it, in the want to help his neighbors.

Twenty students and five leaders were all on a mission trip. We were painting houses for the less fortunate men and women around our community. The temperature was that of a typical Texas summer day- hot! I began to feel extremely sick but anytime I took a break, I was yelled at to keep working. Everyone truly thought I was faking a sickness just to get out of work. When Hag helped me, I was stared at and couldn't do anything when eyes were rolled in my direction.

My body was weak, I had a high temperature, I was extremely tired, and couldn't work. This was also around the time of the huge H1N1 outbreak. Everyone thought I was a liar but Hag knew exactly what it was- the swine flu. This is the moment that Hag sacrificed his cold water so that I could start feeling better and my illness wouldn't worsen.

Later that month, I was diagnosed with swine flu, which turned into walking pneumonia. Many people had been put in the hospital for those exact things. I know I am a lucky person because I didn't have to go to the hospital but I still wonder, if Hag weren't there, what would have happened? I would have most likely been forced to work more, which could have led to me getting weaker and possibly even losing cautiousness. I also wonder why there aren't more people like Hag in the world.

When times are bad, sacrifices are needed and selfishness must end. When you are in the worst situation, more sacrifices should be made to help others. Even if you feel like life couldn't be worse, there are probably people right around you that need resources that you have. Simply giving away water could actually save a life.

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