A house fire

May 4, 2010
By xlittlexAlicex SILVER, Wakonda, South Dakota
xlittlexAlicex SILVER, Wakonda, South Dakota
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There was a house fire in my town. I was with my friend Ally. All of a sudden her mom says there was a fire at the corner. She points in the direction of my other friends house. My instinct was to help. I thought it was Krysta's house! I RAN!!! i saw the flashing lights of the firefighters. i started crying worrying about her. I ran faster and faster. Ally was way ahead of me and I asked her if it was Krysta's house. She told me no it was the house across the street. I ran straight to Krysta and hugged her and cried harder. She told me a 4-year-old started the fire. The grandpa was drunk and was supposed to be watching them. The little girl,3-years-old, and the boy was upstairs. He found a lighter and lit the mattress on fire in the girl's bedroom. The grandpa drug the mattress downstairs then started the curtains on fire. Almost everything was gone. My step dad is friends with that family so I called him and he came right over. I ran to my house and told my mom that they needed a few things. So I got them 2 blankets and a pillow. I came back to the scene and my step dad said I really didn't need to do that and that they were going to a hotel, but I didn't care what anyone said. I was worried about those kids! Their dad was happy that I did that for them and told me they would love it too. I wouldn't leave until everyone was gone. Ally stayed with me saying she loved that I wanted to help. I cried and cried. My step dad let me help the family move the stuff that wasn't burnt into their truck. I told their mom that I would do anything to help. She said they weren't moving and that they were buying that house so I am definitely going to help them. The thought that keeps coming into my head is "what if that was my brother and sisters?"Would you do what I did and help people?

Always remember to help those in need.

The author's comments:
i would never want to go threw something like that. do you think i did the rite thing when i didnt listen to anyone?

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