April 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Love..Love..Love?. how can 4 words look so inviting, but feel so bad. i usually ask myself the same questions everyday, "why do i waste my time", "why do i do this to myslef". love is a beautiful thing, with the right people, love should be saved for the special person you see in your dreams. i look at my parents, yes they argue, yes they scream to eachother, but they laugh when thay say the same thing at the same time, and the way he looks at her, like theres no other women in the world except her, the way he smiles when she laughs. its so beautiful and i cant help similing either. the way my mom tells my dad that his father loves him and ressures him that he is loved by his family. the way my parents know how to make eachother feel just right, when one of them needs a hug or just simply a kiss on the cheek. i look at my parents , and smile. i want that relationship, one that could fight battles with me, one that smiles at me and out of the blue says, "wow you look beautiful", one that makes me feel just right. im not surprised that my parents lasted more then 16 years together. and i see my mother smile with joy when my father comes in with one rose, not 12 or 5, just one. nope, todays nothings special, but he knew she needed to feel loved again, as before. love is an easy word to say but something very difficult to grasp. Love is a complicated subject for some people, but when i hear that word i dont think of a guy. i think of my parents and see how happy thay are together.
Love, Love... i hope one day i'll feel love, feel what my beloved parents feel.

The author's comments:
"something that happened and simply wanted to write about"

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