April 25, 2010
By Anonymous

Why now, why do i feel so sad, and so lonely. youve always told me how much i was a disappointment and how im not your "daughter anymore". its hard cause i feel like you dont care, or love me anymore. i feel like your not the father i was loved with my whole heart. i feel like i wasnt enough . i dont understand, its like you leave everytime something goes wrong, now you left to another country, but for what?. im sorry for not being the daughter you wanted. im sorry that ive disappointed you. im sorry, but you broke me lots and lots of times. even though youve done stuff that made me cry, i still love you. i dont know what i did to make you say those things. i just have to tell you one thing. im sorry that youve never told me you loved me, that i wasnt the daughter you wanted, that i never really told you how much i loved you. im sorry that it had to end like this.
Im sorry daddy!

The author's comments:
" i wrote this because i was just thinking back to the fathers that never really told there daughters, there lil girls, they loved her"

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