May 4, 2010
It’s like it happened yesterday, the wheels skidding, glass breaking, me screaming, but maybe it never happened. This was the second scariest day of my life. My scariest one was waiting in the hospital for hours to see if my dad was going to live. The day I’m talking about was even more personal.
School just got out for the summer and I had to go back to work on the yearbook. The weather was gloomy; raindrops trickled over the road as if they were playing a melody. You could tell the sun was trying to shine through and save us from this day. I’ll admit my foot was metal, but I never would have expected something like this to happen. The water on the road pulled me to the shoulder. The mud caught my tire and yanked me in. I had a firm hold on the stirring wheel and yanked back too much. My poor car pulled back onto the road and right to the other side. This time the sludge was determined to capture me. I was all the way in this time; I tried to do the same thing but it just caused me to slide sideways through the ditch. I looked to my left and saw my fate. Bang.
What happened? I’m in a cornfield; I just woke up. What happened? Then it hits me and hits me hard. To my left there is no windshield and the door is jammed in towards me. I looked down and glass is shattered all around me. My hands rose slowly and blood is running down as if trying to escape. I put my hands to my face and ever so gently touch my cheek. Ouch! I take my hand back as if I was stung. I grab for my purse and something pokes me. Glass is shattered even to my purse. Grabbing my phone I start to realize a hot rush come to my head and slide down my cheeks. I jabbed at send a few times and call Austin. I mumbled what happened and he rushed over. The rest of the crew finally gets here after Austin gently pulled me out, carried me through the ditch, and laid me into his truck.
The rest of the day felt like a dream. The cop came, such an odd little man. He had sandy hair with green dull eyes. You could tell he was irritated when I was discussing the wreck with him. When I walked back to my dad, all I could think about was, “Will the car still run?”, “Is he going to kill me?” Now we’re headed to the emergency room and my dad, Jesse, and Austin are making random jokes to make me chuckle. I walked in with Austin by my side and the nurses just stared as if I was a ghost. I said I was in a car accident. One rushed over and took me through to another room and onto a stretcher. What felt like days were only minutes. Another nurse came into the room and stuck a neck brace onto my neck. My brother and dad finally rushed in and asked if I was okay. I say yes. My eyes closed, I took a slow deep breath, opened my eyes and looked around. The room is small, white, with a musty bloody smell. The bloody smell is from me. I’m busy going through what happened in my head when all of a sudden pain rushed through my cheek. Ouch! The nurse is back and taking the glass out of my flesh. It’s painful but I make it. The nurse finally leaves and I close my eyes again. Dad says I can’t go to sleep. So I stare at the clock and watch the hour hand.
All of a sudden this male nurse with dark brown army cut hair comes in. He looks at me and warns me not to move, like I can anyway. This guy that I don’t even know picks me up and puts me onto another stretcher, but this one can move. We head off to get a CAT scan. They lift the whole stretcher onto the platform. It’s dark, voices were all around me, and the man told me not to move. I start to slide down the tunnel and the machine starts to make a weird loud noise. After the CAT scan next came the x-rays. I got two. It went by faster than I thought, but the clock told otherwise.
My dad told me that is was time to tell my mother. She is emotional anyway so I knew that it was not going to be good. I walk in the door and automatically she starts to cry. I slowly dragged my feet over to her and she gave me a huge hug. Tears started to stream down my face as she told me how much she didn’t care about the car and only for my safety.
The rest of the day involved lying on the floor in front of the television. Austin brought me orange juice every now and then. The rich ginger taste lingered in my mouth after every sip. When I found my phone again I turned it on and instantly got twelve messages. Everyone asked if I was okay and Chevas left me voice messages saying he was mad at me because I never showed up. I called him back and told him the whole story, he came over. Most people would have felt bad for me, but no not Chevas; he started to laugh. I had on my blue and gray neck brace and I had to move my whole upper body just to look to the side. He thought that was pretty comical. After we all talked for a bit he gave me a gentle hug and headed off.
It was time to face my dad. I walked to the kitchen and he stood there, looking out the window at nothing. Today he looked more tired than ever. Dark circles were under his eyes as if he hadn’t slept in years. He had worry lines on his brow. I told him I was sorry about the car. I have only seen my dad cry a few times, this time it was for me. His eyes and face got all red and he just stared at me. “I don’t care about the damn car; all I care about is you. We can replace a car, but never will we be able to replace you.” He grabbed me and just held on like I was never coming back. This is a moment you will never be able to rid yourself of. This is a lifetime experience. This is the second worse day of my life.

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