The Unread Book

May 4, 2010
By , houston, TX
People always base their opinions on the first thing they see in a person. They never take the time to see if this particular person is intelligent, caring, or if this person's only desire is to get you in bed. I will admit i have comitted this crime and I do base my ideas on a person for the type of clothes they wear or if this person might be a daranged serial killer for the way they look, but I've never actually taken the time to realize what im doing is wrong, maybe its true - you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, then again who am I to judge?

Noticing the physical features in a person is just human nature, even though we know in our minds they have something more to offer than just a pretty face. As much as I've been guilty for this wrong doing, I've also been a victim. People always think I'm "special" because of what i say or do, but do we ever stop to think about what we're saying and how this could affect a person: physically, mentally, and emotionally? Maybe we forget about peoples' emotions and move on with our lives, but that one person will never be able to let bygones be bygones and keep moving forward. So ask yourself, have I ever judged someone without knowing a single thing about them?

In our everyday world we see the beauty of different cultures and how unique certain places of the world really are, but in todays society if you dont wear the trendy clothes or have the stylish haircut people tend to look at you like the out-cast. If people continue to follow the modern trends of the twenty-first century, how are the people that want to be different supposed to be themselves without being mocked? The answer is within us, all we have to do is admire the person's originality and appriciate this human being for what he/she is, not for what he/she wears, does, ect. We need to see beyond what everyone else sees and realize what true beauty is, not the kind of beauty you would see strutting down a runway exposing what little she has to offer.

As humans we just want to fit in and not be noticed, this is the reason why we see girls trying to be like the women they see in movies or boys who want to be the typical rapper with the baggy pants around his ankles and the gold chain, its time someone stood up and showed everyone that its ok to be different. We each have a little something to give to the world, so why hide in between the $200 shoes or the $100 shirt, if the reason we're here is to teach people how to be original not to be like everyone else.

So now I ask again, have you ever judge someone without even knowing them? The answer is yes, its difficult to not pay attention to our surroundings, but its ok to admit you are also guilty of this wrong doing just as I am. Maybe now you understand why people wear the clothes that they do, its hard to fit in but its even harder to not too and this is why great leaders all around the world are made, because they decided to be distinct.

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