tough love

May 3, 2010
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“I want you to drop your mic now and get the heck off the stage. Now."The words were spilling out of my mouth and the last noise from the background died away quickly. Jan made a quick move off the stage with her face blood rushing from the embarrassment. She replied with complete rudeness,“enjoy your friends now....”

“Get lost... you crazy trash!” I could tell she was very close to slapping me across the face. “I am definitely not crazy which is the reason why I did such thing like earlier and I am certainly not a trash...” I corrected her with a sharp tone in my voice. “Your first priority as a 13 year old is to be a student. A student who makes bright decisions and most importantly being the real positive Jan. She spit out the words meaning it, “You are not my mom and don’t tell me what to do... what I do is my business! I can’t believe you kicked me off of praise team”. Her anger was overwhelming her that she teared up in front of the most hated person to her. But this didn’t make me take back all the actions I committed nor regret doing them. If it takes crap for her to grow up then I will give her crap.

I’ve seen so many girls that came and went who struggled with drugs, prostitution and bunch of other illegal issues that ended up in jail and ruin their social life and also their status. If they had friends who cared about them, they wouldn’t have ended up with these consequences. In fact, friends are the greatest impact on most of the teenagers whether they cause one to be a bad influence or a good influence. True fiends will stop one from getting into harm.

If it is possible to lose my friendship with Jan because of this then so be it. But, I cannot let her chose to walk on the wrong path because I am her friend and because I love her so much for me to do something that goes against my will. I hope she understands that there is not a friendship on earth with no hardships, conflict, and love.

“Don’t talk to me...! Delete my number off of your phone and don’t worry I will too. My business with you is now over. Bye!”. “One thing Jan, If you wish to be not my friend then I won’t force you... listen, fiends are for someone to lean on, get help from, someone to talk about your struggles. A friendship without tough love is not a friendship. Fiends correct each other, friends love each other. Apparently you fail to understand this Jan... Now I’m done with you... bye Jan...”

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