My Angry Moment

May 9, 2010
By Anonymous

There have been many instances in which I have become very angry and committed actions that I later regretted. Some of these were small and forgivable; others were larger and had severe consequences. One time in which I received a punishment for my actions was when I got into a fight with my sister. We were playing by my pool when she pushed me in. I hit the edge as I went in and I was hurt. I immediately tried to retaliate by hitting her. As I did my Mom saw me and dragged me to my room and said to stay until I was mature enough to come out.

Once she left, I was sitting there having the anger build up. My Mom had ignored my protests that my sister had started it and I wanted revenge. Then, in a burst of fury, I grabbed the nearest thing and threw it at the wall. This thing happened to be a toy plane that I loved a lot. As soon as it hit the wall I regretted it. I saw the wing fly off as well as various other pieces of the plane. I grabbed the tape in a desperate attempt to rescue the plane. When I finished my operation, the plane looked awful. In tears, I told my Mom, but she only told me that she hoped I had learned my lesson. I had.

It wouldn't be a big deal today, but back than; it was the worst thing that could happen. Today, when I get angry, I remove myself from the situation, clear my head, and, if necessary, punch a pillow or something soft. I always remember breaking that toy and the other things I have done in anger whenever I feel that way.

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