The Second Sanctuary

May 3, 2010
By cmangar50 BRONZE, BELLFLOWER, California
cmangar50 BRONZE, BELLFLOWER, California
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My high school experience has certainly been one that I don’t ever intend to forget. If I had the opportunity to create a short film about my personal endeavors throughout high school, one of the most essential memories I would include would definitely have to be all of my hardships both in and out of school. I’ve been everything from unstable, moving from place to place and attending six different high schools to being mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted from the numerous tribulations I’ve dealt with outside of school, with my family. In two instances, I had even run away. I think that including theses events are a necessity to a film of my high school experience because, to me, they illustrate just how much of a sanctuary school has been for me, and how beneficial it is to any and everyone else who struggles with something that they continue to go to school. I’ve always wanted to spread the message that we are capable of doing anything we set our mind’s to, and how better to encourage others than to be a living example of success and present evidence of that in something as entertaining as a film. My film would feature my graduation, though I have not yet reached that finish line just yet. And I wouldn’t dare neglect to put in the wonderful events that have made my senior year utterly fulfilling. I became a cheerleader and made amazing friends and have participated in so many school events. Everyday has been a privilege. Most importantly, my film would present the fact that we do not struggle in vain, and good things can—and do—happen.

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