May 11, 2010
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Before we even started talking about Othello, I had a feeling that we were going

to do a play. I thought the project wouldn’t be as intense as it turned out to be. I

envisioned me having a bigger group with less lines, and I saw myself doing a well

presented monologue. I first started thinking about the different ways Othello could be

shown in my scene. My scene was more of a build up for the next scene, so I would have

to show some anger and confusion. Learning the lines took a lot out of me, but it seemed

that I some how became a tad more intelligent and focused in the process. I spent most of

my study hall memorizing it in my head, and speak out when I was driving home. Being

nervous is a natural feeling, but as my lines became more second nature I became more


It was hard for me and my partner to have a lot of quality time to meet up because

of sports, and other activities. I know if we actually spent more time together it would

have been a better experience for our group, and the class. I think the audience got a good

description of what Act 3 scene 3 was about. They got the confusion and anger of

Othello, and the Deceiving personality of Iago. I felt that I portrayed Othello as a person

who is having different thoughts going through his head, and a confused man who is in

love. They also received the way I took on the scene, and how I thought about what
people were trying to say. If I could make some changes, I would have demanded more

meetings between me and my partner. Spending more time with the group will make the

end product way better. Many hours out of my week was spent memorizing these lines,

but I think I could have done it even more throughout the day. It is true that I have sports

and other activities, but so does a lot of other people. If I just demanded more time out of

myself it would have made a world of difference.

Personality is also a big part of a good presentation. When I was listening to

Kevin’s lines, I could have reacted better to what he was saying. It was more like him

saying a line, and then I said a line. This isn’t interesting to the audience at all. I also feel

like my lines were being shot out too fast. I needed to slow it down, and let the lines

come out smoothly. The feeling of wanting it to end as soon as possible came over me.

This feeling isn’t good because it makes me do things like I did. Like you said before,

“Even when you think your going slow. You can always go slower”. This is very true

statement. I also think that reading the scene before us would have did some good. If we

would have read the scene before us a few more times, I would have had a better

understanding of the play. I would have also had something to go off of, so the energy

level could have been higher. The last thing I would have changed was the scenery and

costumes. I had some good ideas coming into the play with the scene, but I chickened out

because I thought it would be dumb. I also had the idea of wearing something else

besides my regular school clothes.  I usually let my mind talk me out of things, but it’s

best to go with my gut.  

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