Going Home

May 11, 2010
“Bye girls, I love you,” my grandma sang-out as lovingly as a mother would to her own children. We were about to board a long, seven hour flight back to California.
“Bye grandma,” Brittany waved. The moment we were away from our grandma, I clutched Brittany’s hand into a death grip. She already knew I was nervous about flying on a plane again.
“Asha, it’ll be ok, I promise.” Brittany coaxed soothingly.
“I sure hope so,” I sniffled unconvinced. After a few minutes, it was time to board. We walked to the gate, handed our tickets to the ticket lady, and boarded the massive plane. All of the sudden, I became even more nervous when I noticed there were only single seats left.
“Britt,” I whimpered nervously. “I don’t want to sit by a stranger.”
“Well, you just might have to,” Brittany noted sadly, our voices were so low, sad and serious that we sounded like we were in mourning. After looking around, we found that we weren’t going to be able to sit together.
“Okay Ash, just sit there, and I’ll sit right behind you.” I nodded begrudgingly at her command and sat down quietly while choking back my tears. Moments passed, and my fears overwhelmed me, and I truly felt that I needed my sister. I began crying as though a pet had died.
“Uh Miss, why don’t we switch, so you can sit with your sister?” the tall, intimidating man to my right suggested.
“Thank you,” my sister spoke up, “she hates to fly.” Not a moment to soon, Brittany was at my side comforting me.

About four hours later, we were flying over a stormy area and turbulence began to shake the plane.
“What was that?” I gasped terrified.
“I don’t know,” Brittany whispered honestly.
“I’m scared,” I whimpered as a tear ran down my cheek. Turbulence shook the plane again and I was starting to become hysterical. “I don’t want to die. I’ve never been to New York or met Johnny Depp or or…” I trailed off, “I’m just too young to die!” I sputtered through my tears.
“Shush!” Brittany snapped annoyed. “You’re probably just overreacting.”
“Ladies, it’s ok, it’s just turbulence that’s all,” a friendly man assured calmly.
“Oh, that’s all?” my sister questioned.
“Yup,” he replied. Brittany and I let out a sigh of relief; it was like a weight being lifted off our shoulders.
“You can watch a movie on my laptop of you’d like,” he offered politely.
“Thank you,” my sister responded, smiling genuinely. He handed us the laptop and showed us how to pick and play movies.
Three hours and two movies later a stewardess’s voice came onto the intercom. “The pilot asks that you fasten your seat belts as we begin to descend.” That’s our cue I thought to myself as I shut down the laptop.
“Thanks again,” I said as I handed the laptop back to its owner.
“No problem,” he replied as he put the laptop away carefully.
After we landed, Brittany and I grabbed our carry-ons and slowly exited the plane. When we finally got off, we headed to the bathrooms to fix our hair and makeup. Just as we were leaving the bathrooms to go to the pretzel shop, a lady who sat next to me (before Brittany switched seats) on our last plane approached us.
“Girls, isn’t your flight to Ontario?” she questioned worriedly “The last planes next stop is Ontario, Canada,” she continued.
“Oh no, our connection is to Ontario, California,” Brittany said quietly, inching us away subtly.
“Oh, I see,” she said walking away slowly, “well have a good trip.”
“You too,” Brittany called as we walked away. After we ordered our pretzels, Brittany suggested we get lunch for our next flight. We settled for Mexican food our favorite, and then headed to the gate for our next flight.
“Well, Ash,” my sister beamed, “the seven hour flight is over, and our next flight is only 45 minutes.” She said happily. 45 minutes may sound like a long time but after that seven hour flight it was nothing.
“Yeah, I had fun in Florida, but I’m glad to be going home,” I replied. After we boarded our plane, we ate and played cards. Following about three games we gave up and talked. While Brittany chattered on I started mumbling a song.
“I’m going, going back to, back to Cali, Cali, on Saturday.”
“Ha-ha, how ironic,” my sister giggled, “today is Saturday and our flight is to California, what are the chances of that?”
“Ha-ha,” I laughed with her. Before our laughter died down the stewardesses voice came on the intercom and announced our arrival to the airport.
When we got off the plane we went to baggage claim and got our luggage. When we were sure we had everything, we walked to the entrance of the airport.
“DAYNA!” I nearly yelled at the sight of my oldest sister.
“Hey girls, how was the trip?” she asked amused at my excited state.
“Great, but I’m glad we’re home,” I cheered happily.

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