Mystery Night

May 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Before long we arrived at the theater. It seemed colder than before if that was possible. The trip there was not with out interest. The sun slowly faded leaving a blanket of darkness. My breath was no visible in the cold winter air. Then it happened.

“Did you see that?” my mother blurted out, for something had occurred in the car.

“See what?” my aunt became suspicious.

“I did,” my cousin Alex piped in.

“You too?” my other cousin Vanessa responded without pause.

“So, then I’m not going crazy,” my mom was only speaking to herself, although my aunt had heard her.

“No, but I will if I don’t know what you guys are talking about,” my aunt had spoken with the slightest anger in her voice.

“The lights in the car dimmed by themselves,” my aunt’s question had finally been answered by my still uneasy mother, until the car’s engine had stopped. We pulled to the side of the road without thought.

My father had been called, he was to bring my aunt’s truck and then we would leave. The truck arrived right on schedule and almost without word we left.

I then realized once we picked up Adrian, my friend who goes to a different school then I, someone would be forced to sit in the same seat as a different person.

We picked Adrian and everyone had found a spot in the car. My aunt was driving and my mother was sitting next to her, in the back Vanessa sat on the right-hand side window, Alex was sitting next to her in the same exact seat, Adrian on the left-hand side window leaving me in the middle.

Before long we arrived at the theater. It seemed colder than before if that was possible. The line of people waiting to see the movie was an endless sea. We finally found the end of the line. The end of the wrong that is! So we got out of that line and found the end of the correct line. Without warning an employee handed us a green raffle ticket to prove we had gotten in the line fairly and not cut in.

As the rest of us stayed in line my mother and aunt had went to the ticket both to exchange the paper tickets we had printed at home for actual theater tickets.

While they were gone, the others who were supposed to meet us there finally arrived. We chatted a while and then my aunt and mother had come back with the ticket stubs.

As soon as my mother and aunt came they left, to get Starbucks. An hour had passed we were still in line, to see the movie; they came back with pizza for everyone.

“What happened to you guys?” Vanessa was anxious.

“The line for Starbucks was too long, so we got pizza instead.” My aunt explained.

We all ate and chatted some more, and finally we had been let in to the theater. Once everyone was allowed into the theater anarchy had arose as people fought to get seats, good or bad. Luckily we all found ok seats.

The theater was so packed that the ability to hear my own voice was gone. Then all of a sudden the lights dimmed and it was quiet. Out of nowhere, the manager came in and explained that the movie had been delayed, for technical reasons. She then asked a couple of questions and then left soon after. Finally the movie began and everyone fell silent.

What movie could take up so much time and draw friends and family together for a night out? Well that’s a secret.

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