6th Grade Camp

May 10, 2010
By Kylie Forster BRONZE, Menifee, California
Kylie Forster BRONZE, Menifee, California
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I was walking almost in a daze on the soft hot sand with my fellow cabin members trying to figure out where to go after our volleyball tournament. Once, we figured out where to go, my friends, Lacey, Kelsie, Angela, Kanani, Kelsea and I wandered around we all stopped and formed a big circle and stood talking by a big tree.
“Ouch!” I felt a sharp pain in my neck. Quickly, I grabbed the side of my neck and realized a bee had just stung me! Without any warning, I started to cry like a baby.
Everyone was barking questions at me, “Kylie what’s wrong?” I told them that a bee had just stung me.
Kelsie took a quick peek, “Ouch! Yeah dang! It’s all red and puffy. You need to go to the nurse!”
“I’m fine!” I wiped my tears off my face.
“Come on! You need to get the needle taken out,” she explained.
“I’m going to get your mom!” Angela blurted out.
At that very moment, we were being called to start the tug-o-war tournament, of course, our cabin was first!
“What are the odds?” I thought to myself.
As another tear streamed off my face like a waterfall, I began to walk over to the game, but try as I may, the pain was unbearable and the tears kept streaming down my face. The nurse finally came over, got me, brought me into her cold room, and took the needle out.
As I was stepping out the door, she called out, “Here’s some ointment- be sure to put it on your neck! Hope you feel better honey!”
I struggled back down to where everyone was. My cabin was finished with the tug-o-war, and they had moved on to the dodge ball tournament. Once I walked up, my friends were asking me what happened, and if I was okay. I told them about the stinger and the ointment. Once they saw that I was fine, we all turned our attention to the dodge ball tournament. I was looking forward to this tournament the most, so I was extremely relieved that I hadn’t missed it!
When the first whistle was blown for our cabin we walked out onto the sandy and deserted court.
“Juniper, you’re up!”
“Let’s go,” I was ready.
My cabin did really well in that tournament; in fact, we continued all the way to the very end even beat the boys. After we were done, we started walking back to our cabin. Everything was great until someone in front of me, pushed a tree branch out of her way and then let it go. Out of nowhere, the branch slashed me across the face, like a whip hitting something. Oh man, I got a huge scar! “Would this day ever end?” I thought to myself.
When we got back to the cabin, we only had five minutes until it was time to eat. Without delay all of us girls ran over to the dining hall and just made it. After we were done eating, we all decided to run back to the cabin like a bunch of monkey’s escaping a zoo! Once we got back to the cabin, we were all fired up asking each other, “What should we do now?”
I don’t know who it was, but someone yelled out, “We should go prank the boys before we have to go to bed!”
We all agreed. We even asked my mom to come. Quickly, we all slithered out the door and into the boy’s cabin. We locked the door behind us so that no one would come in after us. When the coast was clear we had my mom be the lookout. Next, we grabbed what we could and threw it around! I even went into the bathroom and grabbed someone’s toothpaste and started spreading it across the counter! After all this, I actually grabbed someone’s underwear and clothes, stuck it in the shower, and then turned the water on! I walked back into the room and there was stuff everywhere, it looked like a bomb went off! At that very moment, I heard my mom holler, “Let’s go girls, hurry!” My friends and I sprinted out of there and hid to see the boy’s reaction when they came back!
It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and still to this day they never found out it was us.

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