Day Out

May 10, 2010
Shortly after the school bell had rung, my friends and I began walking across the street to my mom’s car. As we were about to cross, the crossing guard blew her whistle.

“Stop!” she scolded.
After she had blown whistle for the second time she let us cross the street, we all raced to the sight of the car we piled in one by one.
As soon as we were all in the car, my mom drove us to the theatre we were all going to watch a movie that had just came out that day. Once we bought our tickets and found our seats the movie had started.

Before long, the movie had ended and we all ran into the mall.

“Hurry!” I ordered as they all ran at a slow pace we the raced to the photo booth upstairs. We all piled in the seat, and it was such a small space. We all tried to squeeze in trying to fit in the small screen.

Not a moment too soon I heard my phone rang. I went to pick up, and all I heard on the other line was my mom.

“Where are you guys?”
I began to ignore her. It seemed as, if she had been talking for hours. By the time I hung up I couldn’t believe that only three minutes had gone by.

At last, we were able to get a ride from my friend’s mom. After we all got into the car, we finally drove off.

“Anyone hungry?” my friend’s mom asked.

I’m so glad she asked because my stomach started to roar before long we had driven up to the drive thru, all we could here through the intercom was a static voice.

“How may I take your order?” the voice asked.
I didn’t hear the rest because I was talking to my friends as we drove home while we ate planning the rest of the night. We all decided to spend the night at my house and we had gone home the next day.

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