Me and My Bike

May 10, 2010
By Brendan Grant BRONZE, Menifee, California
Brendan Grant BRONZE, Menifee, California
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As I was riding my bike around the neighborhood, I thought it would be cool to push my bike to the limit. Before I knew it, I was standing on a huge hill waiting to push off. Not a moment to soon, I put my feet on the pedals, leaned forward, and began my descent. I sped down the hill towards a ramp I created, went off of it and landed it!

Moments later, I decided to go back and try the jump again, but this time with more power. I began riding up the enormous hill. Eventually, I got to the top, and, as before, pushed off. As I approached the jump at break-neck speed, I felt that something wasn’t right, but I hit the jump anyways. Unfortunately, I ate it.

I felt like I was hurt pretty bad, so I decided that was my last jump, so I rode home. Once I got there, I walked into my house and up to my bedroom. While in my room, my leg kept stinging so I decided to check it. As I pulled up my shorts, I didn’t see any marks or bruising, but it felt like there was no bone or tissue in my leg. I chose to ignore it.

Later that day, I decided to take a nap, and I began dreaming what it would be it like to be in the X-games. I was sitting on top of a 100 foot ramp waiting to start my descent

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I hear, “Let go, don’t worry.”

As I let go and was speeding down the ramp, I began to for see a terrible event happening, but I thought to myself, “No, nothings going to happen.”

Seconds later, I hit the ramp and flew into the air. All of a sudden, the handlebars pop off! As soon as I hit the ground, my wheel also pulled off under me. After steered out of control and it the ground, I woke up. As I sat in bed, I thought, “That’s the last time I’ll ever be on top of a 100 foot ramp.”

Later that same day, I got on my bike and rode out to where my friends were waiting for me.

“Are you ok?” one of them shouted.

“Yah, I’m fine.”

Once we talked for awhile, we all went to Wendy’s to get something to eat. Afterwards, we all went back to my house. As we were riding back, all I could think about was the jump earlier that day, “What did I do wrong?”

Instead of going home, I decided to go to the jumps. I realized that there were potholes and big rocks that may have caused me to crash earlier that day. After I left the jumps, I went home and thought to myself that taking risks on my bike might be fun for a moment, but I could really injure my self pretty badly. To this day, I haven’t done anything as crazy as that day.

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