Dollywood Adventure

May 10, 2010
By ThatValveGamer BRONZE, Menifee, California
ThatValveGamer BRONZE, Menifee, California
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The day spring arrives is the day we go to the best theme part on the east side of Tennessee. I’m talking about Dollywood. My friend Noah’s dad got tickets for Noah, his father, and brother. Imagine our excitement when we found out. I could even see the joy in Noah’s eyes. “Yes!” we shouted with glee.
We quickly dashed outside and jumped in the car. Shortly after the announcement, we were on our way.
The freeway was tense with all the different colors of the cars. Red, blue, yellow, white, you name it, we saw it. At about an hour later, we were still in the car. Noah was starting to get impatient.
“Ugh! Are we there yet dad!?” Noah shouted.
“Yeah, yeah, just about 20 more minutes” Noah’s dad replied.
We were both getting bored, so we both decided to play a game of I-Spy. Noah looked out the window and said “I spy…something..oh my gosh..RED! It’s the Dollywood sign!”
Noah and I jumped up with glee, and started to shout “Woohoo!” Shortly after, the car stopped, and we got out in the Dollywood parking lot. Noah and I almost tripped over ourselves when we arrived.
“Sheesh, that car ride was awful” Noah exclaimed.
“Yeah,” I replied. We quickly made our way over to the monorail.
“Hey look, the monorail is right over there.” Noah said.
“Yeah I see it.” I explained. We headed over to the monorail, where our fun would soon come to a start.
Quickly after we arrived, it wasn’t very long when we stepped in the monorail. “Hello, and welcome to the Dollywood transit rail system, we hope your brief detention in the monorail has been a pleasant one, and the gates shall now open. Please wait for the side doors to open before your exit, and have a nice day.” After the words of heaven were spoken, we had arrived at the “Thrill Park” section at Dollywood.
We dove out of the monorail and stumbled on the walkway. “Yes!” shouted Noah with a grin smirk.
“Over here!” I blurted out. When Noah looked up, he saw the best ride in the whole park. “The Tennessee Tornado..” we muttered with awe.
“Oh my gosh Noah. We need to ride it!” I said.
“Look at the line, It’s longer than a freakin’ train!” Noah exclaimed. I sighed and just got in line, with Noah still following behind. We waited in line for about 2 hours, but when the time came, we heard the words “Next,” and we were unbelievably excited.
We got on the ride and waited for the magic words: “Please keep your hands and feet inside the train cart at all time, and enjoy the ride,” said the intercom.
“Why isn’t it going” Noah said.
“Don’t know,” I replied. At the very moment the ride started at a speed of 65mph.
“WOOHOOO!” Noah and I shouted with glee. The fun didn’t last too long, because the ride was nearly over. We got on a few more rides afterwards, but nothing compared to the ride we were just on. We rode the monorail one last time before leaving. We heard the words, but this time they had a different meaning. We got out of the monorail and headed to the parking-lot. Noah’s dad looked around, and found his vehicle. He hit the car alarm, and then got in, and invited us to “hurry up.” Noah and I got in, just thinking of the possibilities we could have done, but we didn’t worry about it too much.
The car made a screech at my home, and a car door slam, and I was at the front door. Noah waved me good-bye, and then his car left the drive way. The door opened to my nice little home, where I crawled into bed, just thinking of all the fun I had, dreaming of the things we could of done.

The author's comments:
Me and my friend Noah had fun.

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