The Bathroom

May 10, 2010
“Ready, let’s go!”

It was midnight my brother and I were watching Fired Up. I didn’t really feel like watching perverted guys macking on a bunch of girls, so I decided to snatch the remote away from his hand, and tried to change the channel.

“What are you doing?” he shouted angrily.

“Changing the channel.”

“Don’t! I’m watching that!” he boomed.

“So, I don’t care.”

“You brat!” He got up and tried to grab the remote out of my hands. As soon as he got closer, I ran off the couch so fast I probably left the couch smoking.

While this was happening, my mom was in the kitchen washing dishes. “Stop it you too!”

We both were so distracted that we completely ignored her. Meanwhile, we ran up stairs and all of a sudden I tripped on the last step. Giving my brother time to run into the bathroom and lock the door.

“Open the door!” I screamed.

“You’re an idiot!” he laughed.

It was pitch black and I couldn’t see a thing. I began pounding on the door and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, my brother opens the door. To my surprise I ran in and slipped on the carpet, then fell in the bathtub. As I fell in the bathtub, I hit the back of my head. My head hurt so badly that it felt like my brain was popping out. Not only that, but the curtains had fallen on me also. Next, all I could hear was laughter. My brother turned on the lights and laughed so hard at me. As soon as I started to get up, my brother started walking out of the restroom, still laughing, but than he turned around and tripped over a laundry basket, not a moment to soon he gets up and looks at me. Well, it was my turn to laugh. I was laughing so hard that I was on the floor.

Afterwards we both ran downstairs to tell my mom what had just happened. Later that night I realized I had a huge bump in the back of my head. It looked like I had two heads. My brother so had a bump on his forehead. In fact, I called him a unicorn. Even though we had a fight we ended up laughing about it later, and forgot all about the remote which still layed on the bathroom floor.

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