May 10, 2010
There we were, sitting in the car for two straight hours singing, laughing, and talking while my mom drove us towards our destination.
“Kids,” hollered my aunt.

“Yeah,” I responded back.
“We’re here!”
We were going to Wild Rivers in San Dimas. Meanwhile we began looking to find a place to park. After we found a spot, we were so hungry that we stayed in the car and ate our lunch. Once we were done, we got our bags and headed in. As soon as we got in, my cousin and I ran to our favorite ride. Standing in line, I could feel my heart pumping with excitement. It’s always the same for every ride: I get in line and I feel nervous, but I knew I wouldn’t chicken out, so I go on, and then in the end, I’m always smiling and laughing.

All day we had been walking, screaming, laughing, and getting wet! Then, what felt like only minutes later, it got dark.

My aunt called, “Hey you guys change your clothes so we can leave soon.” It was then that I realized how sore I felt like I couldn’t even move my arms. Shortly after that we started to head to the car. I was relieved when I finally got to sit down. Before getting on the freeway we decided to get some McDonalds. Once we all ate and got back in the car, I closed my eyes and thought about how fun it was hanging with my mom, my aunt and her kids. I was also thinking how it felt so good to have family around you. I realized right then and there how important family is in my life. After that I began to nod off. It was so weird because while we were on the way home as I began to doze off it felt like I was on another ride.

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