May 10, 2010
By Ricardo Covarrubias BRONZE, Menifee, California
Ricardo Covarrubias BRONZE, Menifee, California
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It was about 8:00 am when I woke up. I went to the living room to get a drink of water, and there I saw our camping equipment scattered all over the floor like if they were ants.

“Are you ready to go camping?” hollered my mom.

“Why don’t you eat a bowl of cereal?”

“Okay.” Once I finished eating my Corn Flakes, we hopped in our Explorer and took off to La Jolla campground. It was about a two to three hour drive. We were all squished, talking and making jokes to each other.

A little while later, my mom turned back to look at us,” When we get there, we’ll unpack first, and then you can play.”

“Okay” we all responded. As soon as we got there we paid and selected our campground. We finally unpacked everything. Once we finished, we took off to go rent a couple of inner-tubes for the river. Once we got our tubes, we headed up the hill. Eventually we got to the top and floated down the river. We flipped over so many times and got scratched up all over. Afterwards we went back to the campsite, made a campfire, and cooked carne asada. It was so good. Later my dad’s friend came over, and we all sang campfire songs.

“He’s such a good singer,” my mom commented. As soon as he finished it was midnight. We all went inside our tents and laid down. The ground was hard as a table, with little rocks pinching our backs, and it was so freezing.

Finally, I don’t know how, but we all fell asleep. It was about 10:00 AM when I woke up. It was so cold that it felt like I woke up in the freezer. I got ready so fast I was like Lightning McQueen. As soon as I stepped out of the tent I could smell the eggs, bacon, beans, and tortillas. “Yum” I salivated all over. I grabbed a plate and joined my mom, dad, uncle, and my aunt around the campfire. We all sat in silence as we devoured our food.
“Thanks,” I said wiping my plate.
“Welcome,” both my aunt and uncle replied smiling.
“Want to play football?” asked my uncle.
“Sure!” We played football until our stomachs had digested our food.

“Let’s go back riding the tubes,” suggested my uncle.

“Yeah, let’s go!” We hoped in the Explorer with our tubes and drove off to the very top of the mountain again.

“Be careful,” warned my dad. Once we got there we hopped on our tubes and off we went down the river. My uncle and I fell a couple of times got bruises, scratches, and cuts. We didn’t really get hurt until we got to the biggest waterfall in the area. I felt my heart pounding.

“Ahhhh,” I screamed. I had just fallen on the biggest waterfall, flipped off my tube and hit a rock.

“Are you okay?” my uncle screamed in a panic.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I yelled back. After all that we went back to the campsite and had some lunch, chicken with beans and rice around the campfire. We all talked and made jokes, and told funny stories about our childhood, like the time when I took out all of the pans out of the pantry and banged them, like if they were drums.

Before I knew it, it was time to go home.

“Time to pack up,” instructed my dad already beginning to put out the fire. Sadly, we started to pack up all of our equipment. At last we had finished loading up the car.
“Let’s go,” everyone said as she climbed into the truck.
“Is everyone in the truck?” asked my aunt.
“Yeah,” we all replied.
That camping trip was so fun that I can’t wait until next summer to go camping again with all my family.

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