The Basement

May 10, 2010
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“The Basement” it usually went by. My friends and I had seen it all down there in my basement. Maybe not in the same sense that others would consider it. Everything from the games we played, to the scenery, to the questions about life that we answered contribute to the fact that we had seen it all down there. If Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Socrates all hung out in the basement with me and my friends the philosophy and genius would blow their minds. Only a small percentage could understand “The Basement” logic. My friends and I were that small percentage. With all the emotions felt down there no normal man could handle it for more than a day. Fear being one of the most prevelant of those emotions.
Fear fills the deepest crevaces of my body as I hold my breath and hope to God he doesn’t find me. I stand alone in the dark silent room. Longing for another breath of delicious air. I breath ever so slightly. It was a terrible mistake. An irregular breath traverses the long journey through my esophagus and circulatory system in my lungs. The irregular breath caused a horrid case of the hiccups. “Oh no,” I thought to myself, “There is no way he won’t be able to hear this!” I twitch and make strange noises every ten seconds or so. The man starts coming closer and closer and his footsteps are getting louder and louder. Sweat starts to accumulate on my brow and the palms of my hands. To my disbelief he walks right by. The footsteps grow faint and eventually inaudible. I let out an ever so slight sigh of relief. He must of heard it. He turned around and pulled the blanket off of my head. “Found ya,” Erik said gleefully. I was distrot for now I was the seeker and the others were hiding.
Being the cleaning crew and in charge of maintenance of “The Basement” only progresses it to being more profound than one can ever hope to imagine. Sleeping through a whole night with no complications is a rare occasion to say the least. This one night in particular is definitely no exception. All was going according to plan. Fate, however, had other plans. Erik being in a very severe state of grogginess and stupidity picked up a jar of cheese to move to the table so it wouldn’t fall. Most people would think to put the lid on the jar and put it right side up so no spillage would occurr but that’s most people. Erik is definitely not most people. He doesn’t put the lid on the cheese nor does he put it right side up. A recipe for disaster is starting to unfold at this moment. All that’s missing is one key ingredient and Erik just so happened to have a fresh supply of key ingredients. As he leaves the table very cheesy and returns to his bed, which consisting of a bean bag chair, two of my sister’s stuffed animals, and a very old unrecognizable piece of cloth, he hits the leg for the table. It crumbles to the ground as if its what the gods wanted. An atomic bomb of cheese blew up at that instant. Tim and I awoke only to find the aftermath of what seemed like an all out nuclear war. Cheese and glass littered the floor and thoughts were racing through Erik’s computer of a brain. He looks down at his hands and screams to the heavens, ”What have you done?!” To this day I have not even made an attempt to clean it up.
Before going to bed every night in “The Basement” a nightly discussion of life was to brought up and thoroughly analyzed. Life’s great mysteries were solved down there with nothing but ambition and drive. I cannot delve deeply into these secrets for if the world knew it could not survive. These discussions did bring about a great feeling of profoundness throughout each one of us. “The Basement” logic would flow through us like a strong flood.
Being the owner of this basement I feel responsible for all the good and the bad it has caused. I cannot begin to fathom the thought of a life without it. I know that someday, however, new basementeers will brave through the terrain and battle out the psychological monsters it ensues and then they will continue the great legacy of “The Basement”.

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