Pulled back

May 11, 2010
a couple months ago, i was slipping, further and further down. waiting, for him to reach his arms out and grab mine and pull me back to earth. i had felt this way before. it was before i met him. and i was certain i'd never go back to those feelings. he has changed my life and it's all been for the better. we have been on and off for the past four years, but our love for each other never seems to fade, it only gets stronger. he is the only one that i know of that i can go to looking any which way, and he never fails to call me "beautiful." he never ceases to amaze me. our love isn't something out of the ordinary. it's the kind of love that doesn't need to be out there for the whole world to see. it's the kind of love that keeps us up at night and makes us go to school the next day. it's the kind of love that i can feel within my heart, soul, and whole being. i struggle with my words, but with him, it all comes out perfectly. i drown in his love and he trys so hard to be perfect for me, and to me, he is. i see all my dreams and ambitions through him. he makes the impossible, seem possible; the unbreakable, breakable. i am forever grateful for him and everything he has given me. he is the light at the end of my tunnel. he is my drop in the ocean. he makes everything go right. he is everything and more that i could ask for. iloveyoubrandon.<3 forever and always baby.

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