Why does it have to end?

April 14, 2010
Last days of school are very hard to deal with,especially if you are in middle school.Your relize that some of you best friends arn't going to the same high school as you or maybey even moving far away.Your heart is crushed knowing your going to have to go through High school without some of your best wepons,friends.High school is so far the true test to see who your going to have in your life for ever and who might not always be there.But answer this wiht out your true friends with you do you really think you can survive High school?After all of those years of laughter and tears your going to end in a broken heart,some are lucky if they have alot of friends following them and,some like me are crushed by knowing only a few are coming along the same trail as you.Maybe or hopefully you'll see them again but by then you might be excited at first and then relize was it really worth seeing you again becasue youve grown so far apart in just a couple years.Why does it have to come to an end? yeah you'll eventually make new friends but will they really be as good as the old? High School is the destroyer of friendship.

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