Gut Feeling

April 27, 2010
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There was only one thing that my friend and I wanted to do. We wanted to feel the wind flow through our hair, and we wanted to feel the cool, warm, drifty summer air blow in our face. We were really determined to do so, so we walked out the front door. We walked closer and closer to our destination. To be the only thing that could do what we wanted to do; ride my families moped. The moped was rather old. It was a shiny red, and it didn’t run very good. Probably because it was made in 1992 and it only went about 40 miles per hour.
The moped was the only way we could accomplish our goal. My friend wanted to go first so I let her. To be honest I was kind of scared, you never know what could happen while riding one of those things. My friend shrugged and jumped on the moped. She went down the hill and around the block. I thought to myself while she was riding it around the block that I shouldn’t do it because I had this really weird gut feeling stating that something would happen. She came back around from going around the block and said that it was my turn. I was still debating on what I should do, so I just told her she could go around one more time so I could think this through. So while a bunch of things were running threw my head, and the fact that I was extremely tired because I didn’t get much sleep the other day, I still was debating on whether or not I should ride on the moped. I could then suddenly see my friend in the distance riding back on the moped. She was getting closer and closer to me. She finally came up to me and stopped the moped and told me that it was my turn. So, not going with my gut feeling, I jump on the moped and start off down the hill. I could feel the wind flowing through my hair, and the nice summer air blow in my face, exactly how I wanted. So I guess not going with my gut feeling was better off in the long run. So returning back to my drive way, I slowly go up the drive way and I was definitely glad that I pushed myself to ride on the moped. But sometimes going with your gut feeling is a good thing… I stepped off the moped and it was heavier than I thought. It started to fall over. Fall over on me. I freaked out and called out my friends name to come and catch it, but it was too late, it fell over on me. Luckily it only fell on my leg and the only part that fell on my leg was the handle bars. It hurt so bad, I thought I literally broke my leg. My friend pulled off the moped and I limped into my front door. And I sat down. And little then I know, there was a huge gash on my leg. And it was very deep. I thought that I would probably need stitches, but I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it still was pretty nasty. I had to put peroxide on it to clean it out. Definitely did not want that to get infected.
Well I ended up not needing stitches, that moped is long gone because my family sold it and that one friend of mine, we barley talk anymore. Not because of that, just because it was long time ago and people change, but anyways, the only thing I still carry with me from that day is this really huge scar on my leg. That scar is a reminder of what happened to me when I didn’t listen to my gut feeling.

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