The Invasion

April 27, 2010
By , Glen Ellyn, IL
“Bzzzzz,” That was the usual sound of my backyard, that wretched summer. Before the infiltration started, my backyard was as peaceful as a sunset. The grass was as a sea of green, the flowers were basking in the sun, but not anymore. Now my backyard was a war zone, between me and the invasion of insects.
This invasion was from pesky little bees. Everywhere you looked, it was covered with them. Especially in the garden, every square inch was engulfed by bees. This raid by the bees really infuriated me, so to get back at them I launched an offensive on the garden (their base). “I’m heading outside,” I yelled to my Mom.
“Alright, just look out for the bees,” she hollered back. That made me chuckle a little, I was going to do the opposite of that. I was going to destroy their encampment, by malicious but necessary plans. Earlier I had used basic tactics like the hose, water guns, and even water balloons. I would flood their holes they made, which contained their bee hives. My new plot was far more sophisticated and cruel!
Recently my mom had bought me a bug cage, she thought I was just going to catch the bugs and let them out after an hour or so. No siree, that was not on my agenda. My ideas were to use a piece of ham to lure the bee or bees (if I was lucky) into the cage (hopefully they went after the ham not my hand).Once lured inside, I would shut the door to the cage, thats when the cruelness began. To teach the bees a lesson or two, I would douse them in water. It was time to make those ideas an action.
There I was strutting down the steps carrying a cage and a piece of ham, with the ever most confidence in my scheme. I plopped down on a bench, that was a safe distance from the bees, but close enough that they would be attracted by the ham, hopefully. After a good thirty minutes of waiting an audacious bee ventured towards my contraption. I held the piece of ham in front of the entrance to the cage. The bee slowly progressed towards the ham, appearing to be oblivious to cage. Little did I know that the bee was clued in as I was.
“It’s so stupid,” I thought “it’s heading right into the trap. Wait is it heading towards the trap or my hand?”

Sure enough the bee headed right straight for my hand. The bee hovered right next to my hand which I was holding the ham in. While all of this was happening the time seemed like an eternity. It was one of those moments when you’re too freaked out to react. I just stood there totally motionless and then what my mom had warned me about happened!

Everything went into slow motion, I saw the bee’s stinger come out of its body, pierce my skin and then…“Mommmmmmmyyyyyyy!” I wailed as streams of tears poured out of my eyes.

From then on I was not messing around with bees or any other animals’, because I knew what happenes when you mess with nature’s forces.

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