April 27, 2010
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The rain is pouring down so hard that it is creating little craters in the chunky mud. The cheers from the crowd cease as the quarterback lines up behind the center, squats down, and begins the cadence.
The starting tight end for the Glen Ellyn Golden Eagles. It was the third game of the season. The conditions on the field couldn’t have gotten any messier. After the kickoff all twenty-two guys on the field were sopping with mud. As the offense and me made our way onto the field the special teams unit ran off. The center called the huddle and we circled around the quarterback. The play was called and we broke the huddle and lined up across from the defense. RRREADY, DOWN, SETTT, HIT! The quarterback screamed and the eagles pounced. I took notice on the oblivious defensive tackle and crashed down on him hard knocking him to his rear end. The halfback approaching from behind, cut back through my hole for a gain of eight. Again the center called the huddle and we circled up. The halfback returned to the huddle with the holes in his facemask lodged with dripping mud. The next play was called and we broke. Sinking my fingers into the mud I had no idea what this play had in store for me. When the ball was snapped the quarterback fumbled the ball into the mud. Both teams went wild as they tousled for the loose ball. I happened to be the only one still blocking my man, and not piled up on the ball. Whistles blew as the play ended. When I stood staring at the referees breaking the pile, a sharp surge of pain jolted through my body. I was speared in the back by a charging defenseman. The hit had sent me flying and my arm crunched as the enemy’s facemask smashed my right forearm. I shoved him off me and I laid there. The next thing I remembered was seeing the lights on the ambulance flash before I was carried away.
Not many memories from my child hood have perpetuated through time quite like this one, which made it very unique to me. But this also, this made me realize that if I would’ve been paying attention to my surroundings this would have never happened.

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