April 27, 2010
By , Carol Stream, IL
“Got you now!” I said knowingly. I pushed my trigger finger many times over, and red-flaring lasers rippled out of my gun, smirking as I could taste my amount of kills racking up.

“Missed!” my friend, Johnny shouted.
I hovered toward cover, looking for another chance to attack in the still darkness. That chance never happened, though; because when I peered across my wall of cover, he was gone.

“Darn it,” I muttered feverishly to myself, snapping with my fingers in disgust. I almost dropped by gun in anger, but then I realized it wasn’t mine. If I dropped it, it would have really sucked. Just then, my innate instinct kicked in, letting me know there were two people behind me sneaking up to attack. Okay, maybe not instinct, more like footsteps as loud as a piano falling from the sky. Anyway, I turned around to take them down. Take them down is another way to say run away, right?
I tucked my legs toward my chest, and somersaulted to a turn, out of range of their lasers. Stylish was my middle name. They chased after me with laser guns in hand, taking a right turn as I had done. Too bad there was an intersection that led to the right and left, those losers. They split up though, to my dismay. It was ninja time, I knew. I turned right around to my assailant and made a ferocious wailing sound that could be heard from Mexico. Now why did I make a sound so ear piercingly loud? The person who was tailing me was a girl. No offense, but girls are pretty much riled up by the simplest of things. No doubt a scream that could shatter glass couldn’t scare them half to death. It worked. I ran past her with frightening speed, only
catching a glimpse of her face. She was obviously one of my sister’s friends. I backtracked all the way back to my epic battle with Johnny which had ended in a stalemate. All this heavy equipment was really weighing me down now, I thought. I kept on running until I hit a wall, where I could only turn right, up a ramp leading to the second floor. I decided to go up the ramp, because I needed to escape from that girl I had scared. There is no telling what she would do when she found me. She might not even use the laser gun. She might just rip me to shreds with her nails. Ouch. Thinking about it didn’t help. My trek up the slant also offered me a window of opportunity to catch up on points. If I found Johnny up here, I was very likely to find the others, even my own teammates.
I froze as I stepped into a new area of combat; the layout of the floor was far different from the floor before. Much more varied walls, usually curved. My feet began shuffling forward to a one way left turn, while my arms were itching to fire a target.
Or maybe, they were just itchy.

I continued my slow, slow pace into an open field, which had many tunnels that led to different passages, and many ambush points as well. Forward, my feet went, inching closer to a passageway. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted one of my teammates coming out of another passage. I turned right round, and shouted at them to come over to my spot.

“Oy! Over here, dude!”
I should not have said dude. That was not my teammate, and was not a dude. It was the girl from before, and she still had a spooked face on her. She was not out for revenge, I realized. My tensed body relaxed, and I decided I would go on the attack. I fired until I had to reload,
hitting the areas on her that would give me points. She did not notice my attack, however; but I had done the damage. My trigger finger was happy now.
I continued walking down my path, until the announcer’s voice sprung out of nowhere.
“Attention, players. The game will be ending in five minutes.”

Man, I was just starting to have some fun too. At that moment, I decided I would just hide in a corner and dispatch oncoming targets as they passed. I sat there, waiting for what seemed to be hours. Finally, a person came into my sighting. My finger automatically clicked the trigger, but I missed. It was a good thing though, because it was a person on my side. Guess what his name was. If you guessed John, nice one. If you did not, you suck. Anyway, we had a short discussion.
“Are you doing good, Damon?” John asked.
“No,” I answered.
“Eh, I’m gonna go now then.”
“No, stay here. There’s only like, two minutes left.”
So John and I stayed holed up in the corner, and we shot people that ran by us. That ‘people’ was my sister, Nancy. She never noticed us as we made easy points off her.
After another minute passed, the game finally ended.
“Please report back to the entrance to take off your vests and laser guns. I hope you enjoyed this game of laser tag!” The announcer announced. I went to the entrance with John, and most everybody was already there taking off their stuff. We did too.
Laser tag was more fun than I had imagined; I was sure of that. My accuracy with guns had improved greatly as well. There’s one thing I should tell you too. After the game was over and we were heading home, that girl that I had freaked out punched me real hard in the shoulder. It hurt. One thing I know for sure? Do not mess with girls.

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