Surfing in Winter

April 27, 2010
By Thomas Hajduk SILVER, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
Thomas Hajduk SILVER, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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I walk up a small hill on a big mountain. I sit down clip on my bindings. As I finish and stand up, they go one by leaving only me and the pipe. Starring down I see an empty white half pipe. There is no going back, I take a breath the cold air enveloped my lungs. I push off, as my speed increase, I think what I am going to do how, and when to. Snowboarding is not a hobby or a sport to me, it is the thing you love doing no matter what the result is. March 30th was one day I will never forget, the kind that can’t escape your mind.
“Are we there yet?” I questioned. “Two more minutes” replied my Dad. After 17 hour of driving *finally* we came to a slow stop. We unpacked the snowboards and skis from our car, and took the bags full cloths and other stuff. We enter the condo; I was the first one inside I quickly placed my stuff where I would sleep that night. I dashed back and forward bring luggage and food, placing the food in the kitchen and the luggage in the rooms we would sleep. After everything was unpacked and placed in its proper spot, I plopped on the couch and started to watch TV I turned it to MTV to watch the winter Dew Cup. For all of you that don’t k now what the Dew Cup is, the dew cup is an extreme sports completion where the best of the best come from all around the world to compete for the Dew Cup for each event. I watched the super pipe contention which has the width of 35 feet and the length of 3 football fields, and the sides are cover by ice. The main objective is to preform the most heart stopping, bone cracking, stuns ever. I watch as each ride rode the amazing wave of ice.
Then the final competor Shawn White…….he knew as well as everyone that he had the trick of all trick the double cork screw back flip 1080. As I watch him I knew I had to try the pipe in Brecingerigde. All of that was just a memoire now it was the end of the day the slopes were closing and time was apposing me. For all I knew this would be either the best or the worst experience of my life, for a moment I imaging the light the midnight sky the thousands of snow flake falling and know nothing was in my way, nothing could or would stop me, I felt like I was literally on top of the world and the weight of the crowds screams and voices piled on my mind. It couldn’t take it any more I pushed away, although my hat covered my ear I could still hear the howling wind the well. 3, 2,1 swish I zoomed over the first bump building speed I popped up my board and soared thought the air…………Ok! Maybe I didn’t soar in the air but I rode the icy wave with smoothness and ease the last turn higher than the one before.
I felt free; gliding from side to side it, felt like it would never end. As my board cut deeply into the snow I floated down the hill. I wasn’t a pro snowboarder or the best in the state, but I know I had just ridden the most amazing ride in my life There standing is one sole mountain, there can only one winner. There can only be two results: ridding an icy wave of snow or having a bruised tail bone the odd are the same 50/50. One result one winner me or the half pipe.

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My imspirer is action spots star Travice Pastrada #199

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