Dream to a Nightmare

April 27, 2010
By , glendale heights, IL
The dream, it’s so beautiful. I always wonder how it works. It’s amazing how it uses all the senses. It feels like I am really there. I can see, smell, taste, and hear. It can be filled with bright lights and laughter or it can be sunny and happy. Dreams are incredible but there’s a bad side to dreams. They can turn frightening and dreadful; it can turn into a nightmare.
Good night mom, good night dad I screamed across my house. I was ready to go to sleep until I heard my mom yell.

Did you take your asthma spray yet? She questioned
I answered yes, trying to cover up my lie. I ran to the counter and inhaled two puffs. I ran off to bed again. I was thinking of what happened today in school, what’s going to happen tomorrow. I tried to ignore the people talking outside, it gets annoying after 5 minutes. As I turn to the darkest side of my room I drift off to sleep.
I woke up the next morning but to find myself in my bed but not in my house. I was on my bed but in the middle of nowhere. It was like I was in space, bright white dots in the blackest sky I’ve ever seen. I got out of my bed; I still have my pajamas on. It was weird because the very first step I took, a neon blue path appeared. I fallowed it not thinking where I’m going. It seems like I’ve been walking forever. It was really dark except for the bright blue neon path. After walking for 5 minutes I see the path go upward, maybe it was a hill. I climbed up and saw the most amazing city in my life. It was so bright I had to cover my eyes. I heard people laughing and talking. I couldn’t control myself I just got the urge to run towards the city. It felt as if adrenaline took over my body. When I arrived to the city there were so many people there. Everyone was laughing and smiling it felt like I was in a parade. So I started laughing I couldn’t control myself.. Every one stopped laughing because the sky turned blood red. I looked at one of the people and their face was filled with blood. I started running away trying to get away from the blood. The path was still blue which calmed me down a bit. This time there was trees on the path but they were all white and dead. As I arrived to the place where my bed was there was a cliff instead. I heard people screaming in torture so I looked back and dead people were everywhere. I got scared so I ran off the cliff. I was falling down towards ground but at that moment I woke up from my sleep. I see my mom telling me that I’m late for school and she will drop me off. I realized it was a dream but it felt so real. I was kind of happy and sad. I was happy because it was over and I was sad because I miss the bright city with laughter. Dreams do to turn into nightmares.

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