The big question

April 27, 2010
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The Major Surprise
It was out of the blue. My friend Cristina was over at my house. Her mom called and said, “Why don’t you come with us on our vacation to Galena.” Cristina’s jaw dropped when she heard the news. She just let out a big yelp of excitement. We had both been thinking about going on vacation for so long together. This was a very exciting day that we both remember until this day. My response to Mrs. A’s question was a definite yes!
Five hours in the car, and driving. Droning on and on like there was no end of traffic, cars, and trucks. The beginning of the drive was very exciting, but once we hit the fourth hour it started to feel like we had no energy to stay awake anymore. Buried in the pillows, blankets, and bags of clothes from six girls in the car, felt like a hot sauna in 75 degree weather. Yes, Cristina has four sisters and including the two of us, it added up to six girls.
“Are you girls okay?” Mrs. A yawned, while feeding the baby.
We replied, “Yes, we’re ok,” thinking in my head on how much we would have to sit in the god heated car.
I said to Cristina, “What stores do you think they have in Galena”.
“Well, I’m thinking they will probably have a mall we can go to,” Cristina whined.
“Ok”, I thought in my head, wondering about all the things I will buy with my $70.
I yawned and fell into a deep sleep with Cristina’s little sister Sara in my arms.
“Hey, Jessica, Jessica... Wake up, we’re here,” I heard an echo so I slowly opened my eyes, and there we were in Galena in the center of town.
“Oh wow, this is a beautiful sight!” I shouted with excitement, but acting sarcastic.
Everybody let out a little giggle once I had let that little sigh out.

Cristina was already unpacked and in the hotel room getting ready to go to the stores down town. Although it’s not a rich town and it’s by the country, it’s very beautiful. The smell of the corn fields and flower shops were amazing. We had a hotel about a mile away downtown Galena. We shopped, went sightseeing, then climbed all the way up a stair well that lead up to a Mexican restaurant. Due to the fact their food was amazing; I think that anybody would climb that many stairs for great food like that. We did so many things and had so much fun. It was the second day we were there, and Gabriella decides to walks out of the hotel room for fun. She walk’s right into a really, really supersized fat guy and he said “OH I’m sorry I didn’t even see you there little munchkin,”
I walk out and Gabriella is laying there on the ground with her hands on her head, and she says

“This fatty knocked me over,” she whined.
I just dropped right there on the ground and just busted out in laughter. Laughing so hard I was crying. Crying so hard here parents came out and saw the big man and said,
“Ideos Meo….. grande,” they both said.
Everybody came out of our hotel room, just stood there and laughed. So hard, that we were crying. I still don’t know why I started to laugh. I think it was just the randomness that made me laugh.
It was the Friday we left and I had to rush my packing for that whole week, but with my luck, I forgot to pack my hairdryer and I had to let my hair air dry. Ugghhhhhhh… That was the worst thing that happened to me on the trip. I hate going out with wet hair and not looking presentable because you never know who you are going to meet; it could be a cute guy, a celebrity, or some random person taking pictures. Although those scenarios are a little bit out there, it’s still possible. Other than that small dilemma, my vacation was wonderful.

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