The suprise

April 27, 2010
By Anonymous

There I was, sitting in the hot, humid, smelly gym of my school, listening to Mrs. R go on and on about the importance of the heart. As I zoned out, I started thinking to myself what kind of terrible father would leave their daughter on their birthday?

Then, all of a sudden Mrs. C’s voice echoes through the big gym and wakes me from my daydream. “Samantha C.?”

“Y-yes,” I said curiously.

“You have to leave for an early dismissal,” she replied.

Obediently I got up and followed her out of the gym. She then told me to go to my classroom, get my things and come back to the office. As I walked down the long halls of the school to get to my classroom, I started to wonder why I would possibly get picked up early. As my imagination strayed I started to think there could be something wrong, but before my imagination took over. I approached my classroom, twisted the doorknob, and entered only to see an empty dark room with no teacher. I started to panic, where could she be? Should I leave without telling her? Right as I was about to leave she walked in and I was instantly relieved of the usual 2nd grade stress. I then told her that I had to leave early and she handed me my birthday treats that she didn’t let me hand out earlier and said goodbye. It almost seemed like she wanted to get rid of me but I was thinking too much about why I was leaving to realize it.

When I entered the circular office I saw my mom standing there. I ran up to her and asked why we were leaving. She told me that she was going to take us out earlier for my birthday picnic that she had promised me.

About five minutes later my brother walked in and just like me, asked my mom why we were leaving. As I started to explain that we were having a picnic my mom interrupted me and told us that we were going to Disney world for my birthday and meeting my dad there. It took me a while to take it all in. Then I started to cry remembering that my friend told me that there were kidnappers in Disney world and that it was not a safe place. I was also upset that never got to hand out my birthday treats.

I ran outside to the safety of our car and my mom and brother ran after me. When they caught up with me, my mom was devastated that I hated my birthday present, and asked me why I was crying. I told her that I did not want to go to Disney world because there were kidnappers there and I was petrified to go.

By the time we got home my tears had almost stopped. We had hotdogs for lunch, and then we were off to the airport. At that moment I learned that this was going to be a fun vacation and that I shouldn’t believe everything I hear.

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on May. 8 2010 at 2:05 pm
luciaholly41 BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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I love your story Samatha!

on May. 7 2010 at 9:03 am
iloveclairezaura BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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Good Story Samantha! :)


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