April 27, 2010
By Anonymous

As we drove up, the shrieks of terror could be heard clearly now. My family and I looked in anticipation as people were thrown off a 50 ft. drop.

“C’mon!” yelled my cousin Drew, “The lines are gunna be a mile long by the time we get in there.” Too bad we didn’t know that after twenty minutes Drew and my brother would be nowhere to be found.

We had a big family with us that day. My Aunt Karen, Uncle Don and their two kids, Taylor, and Nick. Then there was My Uncle Mark and Aunt Julie, who brought their three kids, Daniel, Mitchell and Drew. We walked under a huge wooden rollercoaster into what looked like an old “western” looking town. We bought our tickets and headed into the actual park. Inside, we walked to this one ride that looked like one an Aztec temple. As we entered the ride, the smell of must overwhelmed our sense of smell.

“Oh my gosh, this smells terrible!” My cousin Taylor, who is 21, exclaimed.

“Oh stop your complaining, the line is not that long,” my Aunt Karen snarled. We gradually moved to the front of the line. The cars me and my brother were going to go in pulled up, and the doors opened.
The next 42 seconds were a blur of excitement and the park. We dived and we went up side down and twirled till my head pounded. We got off and walked to an area in front of that ride. Everyone chatted while my dad and Aunt Julie argued about what to go on next. I sat down and talked, well yelled to Taylor. It was hard to because there were so many screaming children and adults yelling to them.
Suddenly, my mom goes, “Where’s Jason?” It seemed in that very minute the park seemed to just mute itself. We could hear the anticipation in her voice, but still no one answered.
“Drew’s gone two!” My aunt looked like a frightened mouse.
I turned to Taylor and joked, “Why would we want to find them.” My parents made us all split up. Me and Taylor were paired, of course. I don’t think we actually looked for them. For all we k now, they could have been right next to us the whole time.
We found this awesome ride. It’s like one of those tea cup rides where it spins around, but it’s a rollercoaster. We got on and, boy, that was the best ride I’ve ever been on. The seats spin around while the ride is going. So we finally got off, and walked to the place where they show your pictures. I wasn’t wild about seeing mine, but Taylor made me. We looked up at the screen, but instead of pictures, there were snippets of film from when we were on the ride. It showed about a thirty second video of us on the ride.
We were just about to leave, where the screens switched to the people who were on the ride now. I scanned them quickly. ‘What the..?’ I thought to myself and did a double-take.
“What?” asked my cousin, impatiently. She followed my gaze to two boys laughing their heads off, with their hair flying in all different directions. Coincidentally, my phone started to ring.
“Hello?” It was my mom.
“Hey mom, guess who we found.”
“Oh you found them? What ride are you at?” I stuck my head around the corner and replied “The Spinning Demon.”
“We’ll be there in a second.” I wanted so bad to scream at my brother and lie and say ‘What’s your problem? We haven’t been able to go on any ride because of you and Drew!’ but I didn’t I figured my mom would. She didn’t, well at least not right away. When she saw him she hugged him like he had been kidnapped or something and he was being returned by the police. Drews parents had a different parenting style.
Everyone was really mad at Drew from then on. We all knew Drew had got my brother to go with him because he would never go by himself. My mom continued to treat Jason like a little angel child. Finally it was time to go. We all piled in the car and prepared to head home. I looked back at the park, and then I looked at my brother who was singing to his iPod and screaming the words to whatever he was listening to. Then I regretted my decision. Why couldn’t we have just left him there?

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