Stay Away From the Window

April 25, 2010
It was a school day, Monday I beleive... But I stayed home because I was sick. On a normal day at home I sleep, watch TV get on the computer and start the whole routine over again. So I sat on the couch watching TV. The day had barely begun and it was already hot and stuffy in my house, so the living room window was open. The TV was quiet when I heard the first knock. I went to the door with my dog barking angrily. I looked through the peep-hole and did not recgonize the man that stood there.

He went to the window and looked in so I stood frozen at the front door, where I could not be seen. My dog kept barking and I refused to shush her. He came back to the door and I ran silently through the house to the kitchen where I was still out of sight. I grabbed the phone and called my mom, who was at work. My dad was too btu I always called my mom.

After the first ring she answered "Hello?"

I stood whispering "Mom, there's a man at the door and he wont go away." Thats when I started crying.

"Call the police, I'll be home in a minute and stay on the phone with the police."

I hung up and heard his voice call in through the window. A name, Tim or Tom I don't know I was ready to pass out from being so scared. I dialed the number. 911.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"There's a man at the door, he's calling in the window and he wont go away." I say quietly.

"Are you home alone?"

"Yes. I'm twelve years old." I say my voice shaking.

I can't remember the rest of what was said but when I was on the phone the man left. An officer came to the house a few minutes later and a little after that my mom came home. She locked the door and took me to work with her.

A week later the same man broke into my house, kicking open the door, and was intending to steal everything, he hit my dog with my baseball bat and she ran. My neighbor heard the commotion and ran over scaring him off. All he managed to take was the XBox my brother and I had received for our birthdays and a good 2-300 dollars in games. He also took my feeling of safety in my own home. I was glad that my parents were at work and my brother and I at school when it happened.

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KittiChan said...
May 25, 2010 at 5:24 pm
Okay this happened two years ago...
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